Oct 29th, 2018 Newsletter

Satsangs at Karthik Month continues to bring Joy and festivities to Devotees in Tampa. Multiple Satsangs were held last week:


Friday Satsang 10/16/2018 at Carlton Arms Club hall in Temple Terrace hosted by Rakesh Prabhu


Saturday 10/27/2018 two Satsangs

     Riverview - Hosted by Tapan Prabhu

     New Tampa - Hosted by Ashish Prabhu

Sunday Satsang 10/28/2018 at Cory lake Isles - Hosted by Ganesh Prabhu

All Satsangs had Damodar Aarti, Damodar Leeka discussion and Ghee Lamp (Deep daan) apart from Kirtan and Sumptuous Prasadam cooked by Matajis.

Hope to see you all in the Satsang programs this week.


Your Bhakti Yoga Team

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